Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome to the world of cycling in North Georgia!

Prima Tappa - Italian for "Stage One" or "First Stage".

Prima Tappa Cycling Club is a non bike shop affiliated club dedicated to the promotion of cycling in North Georgia. Not that we don’t like our local shops because we do. But our teammates align themselves toward representing cycling as a whole and joining forces whenever we arrive at the same events… like the Avengers. OK maybe not just like the Avengers. But you get my drift. Our first year has been great but it’s going to be even better. 

Our major sponsors are already back on board for next season and the great folks at SkyBlu Smart Fuels have one request… “Get more youth involved in cycling”.  

Look for our efforts to double in every area as we bring our HiViz members to rides and races throughout North Georgia. At the present time all you need to join our cause is to ride in our kit. And it’s a great looking kit! Not to mention safe. We are working hard to create a membership program that’s worth your time and money so stay tuned. Join us and hang out with the team at events all over the Southeast. We want you on our team!

First Season - 2013

Right from the start our riders were a hit! We showed up at charity rides like the LAP Century and Jackson Brevet. We raced at Athens Twilight and Roswell. Our partners at Dingo Productions hosted two great race weekends right in the heart of North Georgia and our club members showed up in force to represent the sponsors in our home market. Check out some of the images captured during the year!

2013 Jackson Brevet for Aplastic Anemia Research

Chainbuster Zombie Apocalypse
2013 Athens Twilight, CAT3

SkyBlu team fans.
CAT5 Dingo Days of Summer
CAT3 Dingo Days of Summer

CAT4 Georgia Games RR Champion - Star Bridges

Road Atlanta- GA Cycling Gran Prix